Death of a forum

I’m officially persona non grata over on a forum that I really liked.

I’m mad.

At myself.

I should have never let myself be emotionally invested in any forum.  Anything.  Everything on the Web.  It needs to be taken with cool, detached behavior.  Otherwise you just get screwed.  I don’t know these people, for god’s sake. They’re all pseudonyms, some more than others.

The admin just went off on me.  I thought he was a really cool person.  I still do.  But I don’t feel welcome on the forum anymore.  I expect to be pillared with negative reputation because he won’t post any more sets due to what i did, which was a mere correction of spelling of one of the model’s names.

I like to group all these faux passes and other quirky behavior as under the Asperger syndrome umbrella.  I don’t want to use it as an excuse, even though it may see that way.  I’m so normal, but then I say something and then it seems like I’m using it as a shield against criticism.

I’m not.

It’s just the way I am.

And I wish I could change that.